The internets are on virtual fire right now with rumors about what is going on with Lil Wayne! Because we are not completely sure what is true and what is just a bunch of speculation we are going to be very methodical with what we report regarding the condition of the N.O. native son.

Previous: Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again With Seizures

There will be time for investigating the reports and accusations about what caused this alleged incident later, but right now, without facts, we aren’t going to just retell any old story. If you see something posted somewhere else but not here, trust we are checking on it, before we report it. We don’t want to say anything erroneous that can be deemed painful to either Wayne, his family, friends or his fans.

As you’ll recall Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital with seizures Tuesday evening. But TMZ is reporting that he was released and then rushed back because he was found on the floor unconscious.

This part is where it gets tricky. The reports about what’s taking place right now at Cedar’s Sinai Hospital in LA are all over the place. So this is where we are choosing to exercise extra caution. We know that Wayne is there. The reports from TMZ and others say that he is in the ICU. However, he just supposedly tweeted from his hospital bed the following message:

Now, far be it from us to say that’s not really him tweeting, but it would be different than what he usually tweets if it is.  We’ll leave whether it is or is not to you to decide for yourselves.

No matter if Wayne is gravely ill or just a little under the weather, we send well wishes to him and is family. We will stay very close to this story and as soon as we know anything further, we will  be back to update it!

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