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If you’ve listened to a record by N.O.R.E and not laughed at some point you weren’t really paying attention. The Queens, NY MC has been dropping  head scratching rhymes since his debut with partner Capone on 1997’s “The War Report,” but really came into his own on his solo debut “N.O.R.E. ”

Lyrical non-sequiters like “running laps around the English Channel” made the Super T.H.U.G. a favorite in tape decks up and down the East  Coast.  It’s effortless humor that plays well on camera, when he allows it.

For his new album “Student Of The Game” (in stores April 16th) he released an off-the-wall clip for the single “Fowl N*ggaz,”  a syllabus for  ratchet, tabloid-friendly behavior.  Truth be known,the video is based on the real life libidinous acts that would make great reality TV  (“My friend Eddy likes having sex with pregnant women”), but  N.O.R.E is not trying to put in any extended time on a network anytime soon.

“I’m absolutely entertained by “Love & Hip-Hop,” but for me? No,” he tells “People think I’m humorous but don’t realize it’s unrehearsed. If you think I’m funny I’m flabbergasted but it’s not something I plan, it’s just who I am as a person. The thing about it is, if I was to do something like cry,  if I got some bad news and I’m sitting their crying, if they don’t get that shot they’re gonna ask me to do it again. I can’t reenact that. For me, my thing is more natural.

Reality TV would be an easy road for N.O.R.E, considering that his former label head Mona Scott-Young is the Queenpin of VH1’s reality show lineup.

“As far as ‘Love & Hip-hop’ I don’t think I fit that category. It’s about love and I’m discreet about my love life,” he says. “NORE is an open book, but my wife? I want my wife to be an opposite of me. If I’m famous and your’e famous what the f*ck are we together for? I just don’t want it. As of now.”

However, N.O.R.E did get a taste of the reality TV life when his wife was invited down to Miami for a taping, but the couple ultimately changed their minds.

Watch the part of our interview where he talks about his relationship with Mona Scott-Young and how she helped him make the decision not to be on her show.

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