Watching these videos always put me in the mood for Summer! So whether you’re in the backyard, on the stoop, the park or the beach have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Gangstarr f/ Nice & Smooth, Dwyck (R.I.P Guru!)

Chubb Rock, “Just The Two Of Us”

Notorious B.I.G. “Juicy”

Wrecks-N-Effect, Rumpshaker

Ice Cube, “It Was A Good Day”

Dr. Dre, “Let Me Ride”

Digital Underground, “Humpty Dance”

(I really wanted Doowachulike, but Youtube is hatin)

Tupac, “I Get Around”

Who didn’t want to be at this party?

Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Summertime”

Does it matter that Rakim wrote his lyrics? Not to me. This is a classic.

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