On the day his third solo album was officially released, Justin Timberlake premiered the video for his second single off “The 20/20 Experience” titled “Mirrors.”

The video is dedicated to the crooner’s grandparents William and Sadie and recounts the highs and lows of their love story. While the clip lasts eight full minutes, Justin Timberlake doesn’t show up until the very last few minutes to show off some slick dance moves in a room full of–you guessed it–mirrors. Justin Timberlake succeeds at tugging at fans’ heartstrings with the song and video portraying love that stands the test of time.

Despite it being available for stream a full week before its release “The 20/20 Experience” is projected to sell between 500,000-600,000 copies in the first week. not bad for a man who hasn’t dropped an album since Bush was in office.


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