Rapper Lil Wayne is out of the hospital back getting back to the Weezy he was before the series of random seizures. Wayne sent a video to TMZ, the site who claimed Wayne was receiving his last rites and then retracted that statement, saying that he was feeling good. Actually, Lil Wayne is more than good.

In the short video message Weezy thanked all of his fans for sending love and prayers his way during his time of need. However, that was a very small portion of the clip. Lil Wayne also plugged his upcoming album “I Am Not A Human Being II” which is due to hit shelves on March 26. After suffering those series of seizures and subsequent hospitalization, he’s not too concerned if you go buy his project. “Go buy the album. If you don’t, it’s whatever,” Wayne stated.

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After hyping the album, he invited T.I. into the shot to hype their tour that begins on July 5th. Tip wants you to eat all of the barbeque you want on July 4th and then go see them on the fifth. the pair of rappers end the video with bizarre demands to put your finger in their face and kiss their fists. Yeah, we don’t get that either.

Check the clip out below.



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