Love is in the air for Michael Jordan and his fiancee Yvette Prieto. However, love isn’t enough to get the NBA legend to not protect his $650 million empire. Jordan recently had Prieto sign a prenup.

According to, the agreement stipulates that both Jordan and Prieto will walkaway with all of the assets they came into the marriage with should things go south. Yvette Prieto is entitled to one million dollars for every year they stay married and if their wedded bliss lasts longer than ten years, Prieto will then receive five million for every year after the decade milestone.

While the 33-year-old Cuban model did sign the prenup, she doesn’t believe they will need it because they have that Ashford & Simpson type of love–solid (yes, I know that was corny). The couple has been together since 2009 and will allegedly walk down the aisle on the 27th of April.

I’m glad to see Michael Jordan is learning from his past mistakes. when he divorced his first wife Juanita Vanoy, he had no prenup and wound having to give her $168 million of his fortune and a mega mansion in Chicago. Juanita Vanoy cited irreconcilable differences when she and Jordan divorced, but many speculated Vanoy was just done with Jordan’s serial cheating. Hopefully, Michael Jordan has changed his womanizing ways.



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