Art is an avenue where one can fully express themselves without fear. Although the viewer of said art is bound to have their own opinion–be it good or bad–they have to respect your point of view. Jamaican film director Storm Saulter is receiving respect for his film “Better Mus’ Come” which depicts the worst time in Jamaica’s history.

Opening in limited engagements around the country, “Better Mus’ Come” is also a love story set against the violence of the Cold War. Who and what do you fight for? Will you stand and fight for your children, the woman who makes your blood burn with passion, or against an enemy who you come to learn is more like you than you ever could’ve imagined? All of these things and more get answered in the AFFRM-distributed film.

On the day of the film’s opening in New York City’s famed Times’ Square, Saulter and the lead actor Sheldon Stephens stopped by The Urban Daily offices to talk about their new film, the unwritten history of Jamaica, and the juxtaposition of the beauty and violence of the country..

Here are a couple of the dates and places to check out “Better Mus’ Come”:

Imagenation’s RAW Space – Harlem, New York

Downtown Independent Theater – Los Angeles, California

UPDATE: Since our interview, “Better Mus Come” has been continued to get critical acclaim. It is also now being streamed on Netflix. If you’d like to hear what has happened to the film’s director Storm Saulter since stopping by the TUD offices, check out a podcast with Saulter and film director Ava DuVernay.


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