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In the latest Molly poppin lyrical fail by a rapper, Rick Ross brags on Future Rocko’s song called “U.O.E.N.O.” (you ain’t even know it) about drugging women’s drinks “and they don’t even know it.”

“Put molly all in her champagne, she aint even know it,” he raps. “I took her home and I enjoyed that, she aint even know it.”


The timing of this lyric couldn’t be worse as women in Delhi fight to protect their womanhood from rape and young boys in America are being sent to jail because they think it’s ok to have sex with women who are too drunk or high to give consent.

No. No. No. This is not cool, swag or “bawse.” I don’t care how many vaginal assaults a drugged-out actress asks for on Twitter, it is not acceptable to preach the practice of drugging women to have sex with them “without them even knowing.” If she didn’t know she didn’t give consent. And if she didn’t give consent she was raped. You’re out here telling your fans that it’s cool to rape women and YOU don’t even know it.

Ross’ lyrics are reprehensible on so many levels but as a man you have to ask yourself: What kind of sex am I having where I don’t want the woman to remember?

We can’t wait to hear how he tries to spin this one.

Spotted @Bossip.

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