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Do you think her zeal for finding the killer is causing her marriage to deteriorate without her realizing it?

Yeah, but if you go one step further, the death of her son is deteriorating the marriage. It’s not that she’s trying to find the killer. It’s what happened in the first place–the death of her son. That’s at the root of a lot of problems in the world; it’s not that there is fighting but what caused the fighting.

Grace is certainly attracted to Jimmy in some way. What does her attraction to a mob boss say about her?

It says that she’s very lonely and isolated and doesn’t know who she is. She does have a very conflicted identity. When she was on the job as an undercover cop, she was also a mother at home and the boundaries were very clear. But when she goes undercover without police protection, the boundaries between who she is and what she’s doing become very muddled. It becomes personal. That’s why she’s initially pulled off the case because the police don’t want her personal attachment to cloud her judgement. It’s not that her judgement is clouded, in terms of her motivation. She’s got to put herself in a more dangerous position because of her desire to find out what happened to her son.

Despite Grace and Jimmy being allies and needing each other, they’re still lying to each other about a lot of things. Why is that?

It’s a game that they’re both playing. It’s about trust. There are profoundly disturbed trust issues in the show. Risk also plays an enormous role in the storytelling. Everyone has something to lose at every point. It’s minute to minute decisions and split second decision-making and that’s what keeps the adrenaline pumping. It’s having to keep all of those balls in the air. That was something mentioned a few times when I talked to the show runner–how do we keep all of these balls in the air at the same time, but I think we manage it. And when you get to the tenth episode, you can’t believe the journey you’ve been on.

With your character being the central role of the show, why do you think Hollywood was so late with putting female centric dramas on television? It seems like after “Scandal,” a lot of shows are being produced with females carrying the show.

I’m sure there have been examples of dramas led by women, but I don’t see the benefit of thinking that it’s come too late because it is what it is. I’m just glad where it is now. I’m glad that I’m doing “Rogue.” It’s more important that we celebrate the successes of now and keep it going. In terms of Kerry Washington, she’s one of my girls. She’s a fellow actress and a friend. Empowering women is a huge motivation in our lives. So the fact that we’re both taking these TV shows and running with them, it doesn’t surprise me. It makes me very proud.


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