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Rapper Kanye West has a list of legends-in-the-making – hailing Jay-Z the new Frank Sinatra and Justin Timberlake as the next Michael Jackson.

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The hip-hop star insists the current crop of emerging musicians are brimming with talent, and is adamant Lady Gaga will be this century’s Madonna, while pal Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce Knowles is a modern-day Tina Turner.

In a posting on his blog, West writes: “I look at our current superstars like legends in the making. Like Justin is the new Mike, Beyonce’s the new Tina Turner, Gaga’s the new Madonna, Jay is Sinatra. (Lil) Wayne is (Jimi) Hendrix, Thom Yorke is (Pink Floyd rocker) Roger Waters.”

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These are the champions and should be documented as such.”

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