Easter is one of those religious holidays where even people who don’t believe in the spiritual implications like to participate. The spectacle even gets those allergic to church to set foot in the building at least once for the year and show off their latest threads. Not to mention the candy and painted eggs!  Religion aside it’s a ubiquitous spring fling that artists love to reference time and time again.

With the help of the folks at we went on an egg hunt for a carton’s worth of  Easter rap references.

Jay-Z, “Why I Love You”

Same people that I fought for, that I fight for, that I ride for

That I live for, that I die for be the reason that these n*ggas is alive for

And they want me dead but I’m so sorry but I just can’t die for you

But I can make ’em put their hands in the sky for you

We waiting for the fireworks like July 4th

Get fly more, get high more, cry boy, why for?

When the grief is over, beef is over

I’ll be fly when Easter’s over

One of Hov’s many not-so-sublimnal bars about the leeches in his life…

Nicki Minaj, “Wave Ya Hand”

Cause I, I, I am Onika

And these shoes here mean fashionista

‘cause these don’t come out til it’s Easter

I’m VIP bound with Leighton Meester

Nicki Minaj stunts with “Gossip Girls” when she is done shoe shopping. We’re convinced that she is the real life Easter Bunny.

Nicki Minaj Is The Easter Bunny
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