Did CNN really just let go of one of their very best and brightest reporters ever? According to the Huffington Post, it sounds like it, and everyone is curious about what will happen next. The cable news network has been making a slew of changes since new CNN President Jeff Zucker moved over from NBC.

In a stunning move, Zucker got rid of Ms. O’Brian as a morning anchor. Soledad made serious headlines on “Starting Point” during the election season. Sometimes even getting into flat out arguments with guests on the program. However,  it was all in the name of getting people to speak honesty versus made up facts and talking points. Take a look at her last sign off from the CNN Anchor desk!


Soledad is the very definition of the word journalist, and we are sure where ever she lands, it will end up being a much better place for having her there. Will CNN end up regretting this move? We don’t know, but we want to know what you the viewers think! Will you still watch CNN without her? Take our poll and have your say!


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