“Love & Hip-Hop” cast member Erica Mena released the video to her song “Where Do I Go From Here?” and it’s quite a titillating affair.  Directed by J Jesses Smith, we are brought into a day in the life of Mena when she finds out that someone she loved named Sally has a one track mind that is no longer pulling into her station.

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As first videos go it isn’t horrible, but some of it just didn’t make any sense. Erica clearly studied at the Jennifer Lopez school of face emoting in videos but that doesn’t make up for the huge plot holes in this clip.

Here are the 9 most ridiculous moments from the “Where Do I Go From Here?” video.

9)You come home to a Hennessy bottle…on the desk. Your industry age might be 25 but you’re given away your 1974 birth certificate by sipping on Henrock in the afternoon, ma. We know Nuvo, Remy or Dussee coulda slid you a prop bottle.

8) You’re in a bathtub with your clothes and no water but these soap bubbles mysteriously appear. We know those True Religion jeans are dry clean only but this is taking it too far.

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