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 Well we’re glad Matt Lauer got that cleared up! In an interview with the “Today Show” veteran, Chris Brown reveals that he attended a 52 week counseling program and he realizes now that what he did to Rihanna was wrong. There was no anger or upset during this interview, he actually came across a lot more like the charming Breezy of old.

Check it out!


The funny thing in that clip though, is that Matt asks Chris something about “if he believes the fans are willing to allow him to try again and make a comeback?” Haven’t the fans let him try and make a comeback about a gillion times since the incident? We thought so!

We hope CB truly gets it together and starts living his life privately outside of the spotlight for a while. Because, if truth be told, most of us writers are just as tired of writing about it as you guys are of reading  about it! Good Luck Breezy!


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