The Roc Nation line-up is looking great:

Several sightings of Columbia/Epic Label Group Chairman Rob Stringer and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation partner Jay Brown, on both coasts have led insiders to speculate about the possibility of the company landing at Sony Music.

Jay-Z, who inked a much-publicized $150 million, 360-deal with Live Nation in April, 2008, recently bought back his completed album from UMG for a reported $5 million, raising the question whether that album will now be part of the Sony pact.

Another reason Sony is favored to nab Nation is Epic President Amanda Ghost, a recent appointment of Stringer’s, is managed by Roc Nation and Brown, who has been an EVP A&R for Def Jam under Jay-Z and also spent some time with Sylvia Rhone at Elektra after getting his start working for Quincy Jones.

Expect this deal to go down soon, say those close to the negotiations, and look for the production/management team’s output to be released by both Columbia and Epic, filling the void in Urban/Pop that has existed at the company since the ironic departures of first Mariah Carey and then, ex-hubby/label boss Tommy Motolla.

As for the Roc Nation Roster:

According to Weisman, Wale is still signed to Mark Ronson’s imprint Allido on Interscope Records but now, along with his company Elitaste,Inc., he will also be co-managed by Roc Nation.

[It] just sort of happened organically,” Weisman said of the new partnership. “Wale went on tour with Jay-Z last summer and got to know the Roc Nation people – [he] went on tour with Mark Ronson, who was opening for Jay-Z in the U.K. Got to know [Jay] and it just seemed like a good move for him to do that.”

Jay has several names attached to his Roc Nation imprint, a reported $150 million deal he brokered with Live Nation last year. He has signed up-and-coming North Carolina MC J. Cole, and is in talks with former Roc-A-Fella rapper Young Chris. reports that Roc Nation has already signed up a sizable roster of emerging producers and songwriters as well.

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