So the lesson of the day seems to be, if you insist on braking the law, don’t get on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and brag about it! Seems like this would be common knowledge among those who commit serious crimes right? Wrong! In fact there are more than 60 “gangsters” from East Harlem who are learning the hard way that when you post things on your Facebook wall about selling drugs or murdering folks, police may run across that info if they are taking a little peek at your account. Again we thought most people understood this, and again we were wrong!

According to the New York Daily News a probe covered years of “shooting warfare” in East Harlem by “Air It Out,” “Tru Money” and “Whoadey” gangs at the Taft, Johnson and Lehman Houses to be specific. The case involves three murders, a least 30 firearms and kids as young as 13 or 14. By Thursday, 55 defendants were in custody. 49 of the defendants, who face the top conspiracy charges, were charged with major felonies including attempted murder, weapons possession and other conspiracies.

They don’t sound like guys you want to mess with by any means, but yet, they posted things on their social media accounts that inevitably took them down! Not the smartest thing to do! But then again, we told you guys it was real out here in these Twitter/Facebook streets!


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