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Well, we can’t say we didn’t call this yesterday when the cover art dropped! Ray J released the song about Kim Kardashian and oh how real the struggle is on this track! For the love of Ray J! Why didn’t someone tell him not to make this, or not to release this or to just be quiet all together?

Check it out below!

Twitter went bananas after the song was released! The backlash and slander was beyond epic! The people have spoken and they are not happy!

Aw wait a minute, ain’t that Brandy’s brother? Why didn’t his level headed big sister warn him about how terrible this idea was? Somebody should have sat him down, and explained that this was not a good look for his career. Very seldom can guys get away with doing  this type of song anyway. So unless he is somehow going to morph into Eminem or Joe Budden, we suggest he scrap any further notion of tackling this type of subject matter. ( He should also get rid of that ridiculous whisper singing thing that he was doing!)

Seriously making songs like this as a gimmick to either further/revamp your singing career is really just a bad idea!

*Editor’s Note: Calls to Brian McKnight were not returned


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