Erica. Mena. Er-i-ca, oh, Erica. Why do you do this to us? We are soooo weary with all the antics and shenanigans that you call your career. But this one… chile… Erica Mena is in a new commercial for Clear Boutique (we CANNOT make this stuff up!), and it was everything you could never hope for.

And if you saw Erica’s music video for “Where Do I Go From Here” you can see where this is going. This video looks like it’s a Rainbow for strippers! And nothing against strippers…

… but someone who tries to portray herself as oh-so-classy, showing up to the “Love and Hip-Hop” reunion in an Old Hollywood style dressed with the wavy hair to match better get all the way out of here with this commercial!

Let’s take a look at the commercial’s unforgivables, shall we?

How slow do you have to walk to prove that you’re sexy? Because this is bordering zombie status. And where are you going in that spandex onesie?

Uh-oh! Don’t trip on those t*tty tassles slinking backward down the stairs!

Nothing is sexier in an empty club than a girl wearing your grandma’s couch pattern on her dress. FTW! (,-_-,)

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