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Sometimes the best jokes are the ones people don’t get. Comedian and actor Orlando Jones has been having a ball torturing both fans and haters of Tyler Perry’s beloved Madea character with his April Fool’s blog about taking over for the popular cross-dressing septuagenarian.

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“It’s been hard to keep this one under wraps but I’m about to embark on an exciting new chapter in my career and wanted to share it with my HuffPost family first and foremost before our official announcement tomorrow,” he wrote on his Huff Po blog dated April 1, 2013. “Truly honored to be entrusted with this amazing opportunity. I just hope I don’t screw it up.”

His statement was followed up with a press release saying that he would be taking over as Madea in the upcoming film, “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.”  A “quote” from Perry said that he was focusing on his commitments to Oprah’s OWN network and passing the wig and glasses to Jones.  However, Perry’s own Twitter account made no such claim.

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Skeptical outlets ran with the story with the disclaimer that it may not be true, but readers skipped over that (as well as the tags “April Fool’s Day” on the post itself) and began blowing up Jones’ Twitter account in disbelief.

Making things more interesting is that Tyler Perry tweeted a photo and video days later of himself posing with Oprah in full Madea garb with the hashtag ##SofiaMeetsMadea

Was this his passive wink to Jones and to calm the fears of his followers? Maybe, maybe not. But days later people are still Tweeting about Jones replacing Perry in the dress:

Jones has been Re-Tweeting the mass disappointment with glee. Will it ever stop?  We hope not. This is the most fun we’ve had with an identity crisis since Shock G dressed up as Humpty Hump and denied it every chance he got.

For all of us on the web who love a good joke we salute you Mr. Jones. Now if next year he can tweet that he’s really Solange’s daddy we’d be forever in his debt.

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