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When it comes to movies, deaths are either the worst thing that happened or the best depending on if you’re siding with the protagonist or the antagonist. While a death on the big screen can move or stop the story, there is one thing about film deaths we all can agree on–some actors die terribly on film. I’m not going to call out any names (ahem! Tyra Banks in “Higher Learning.”), but some of these actors could use a class.

However, there are some deaths that happen on the big screen that are acted so well, we never fully get over their death. For instance, you always feel bad for Forrest Gump when Jenny dies despite the fact she was busting it open for every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Our friends at The Smoking Section did a list of the best deaths in urban films we haven’t been able to heal from. Take a look at an excerpt below:

9. Mitch in Paid In Full

While Tins has waxed poetic on the significance of Mekhi Phifer’s character, Mitch, from Paid In Full, his death is one that will live in the minds of aspiring go-getters for generations to come. After the kidnapping of his younger brother, Mitch confided in his two right-hand men for help in dealing with the situation at hand.

As usual in matters of the streets, there was a snake lurking in the grass by the name of Rico, remorseless and willing to get his by any means necessary. If you happen to have any smidgen of street-smarts, when he said, “you got 14 bricks right there?” you already knew what it was hitting for. No bricks meant no money for the ransom, thus leaving the family with two funerals to plan. Pour out a little liquor for Mitch, the Michael Jordan of all hustlers.

Lesson: Don’t be alone in the hallway with a man if you’ve seen his sex tape.

Read the rest of the list over at The Smoking Section.


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