90s rapper Coolio must still be spending most of his time living in the gangsta’s paradise because there and only there could he get away with the nonsense he was recently arrested for.

Police were called to the home of Coolio, real name Artis Ivey Jr., and his girlfriend Anabella Chatman after a potential pleasurable experience turned into a physical altercation. Apparently, Coolio brought another woman with him to the home he shares with Chatman trying to get something sexual to happen between the three. Anabella Chatman wasn’t pleased with Coolio or his unexpected guest and things quickly turned ugly. Once Coolio was rebuffed, he pushed Chatman to the ground and punched her in the face. Coolio then grabbed his baby and the other girl and sped away from the scene.

Anabella Chatman also alleges that when Coolio and company were making their speedy exit, Coolio hit her with his car. According to police, Chatman had tire marks on her legs when they arrived on the scene. When Coolio spoke to police, he attempted to convince them it was Chatman who was the aggressor. He said Chatman saw him with the other woman and flew into a jealous rage scratching him in the process. Cops sided with Chatman and arrested Coolio.

Somebody hire Coolio to cater their event. (He is a serious chef.) dude obviously has way too much time on his hands.



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