The universe just won’t allow Lauryn Hill to be great. On top of waiting for sentencing in connection to her tax fraud case, Hill is on the verge of being evicted from her New Jersey mansion.

Since 2009, the Grammy Award winner has been renting a mansion in the New Jersey suburb of South Orange. Everything was good until last month when Hill stopped paying her rent. The landlord wasted no time in going to the court house and filing papers basically demanding his rent or Hill and her family’s exit from the home. Lauryn Hill didn’t cough up the cash and the landlord is moving forward with the eviction process.

Although Hill must now find a new home for her family, she still has to deal with the tax fraud situation. She’s facing several years behind bars and will know her fate next week.

Lauryn Hill used the excuse that her life was being threatened which made her not pay taxes. What do you think her excuse will be for not paying rent?



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