Rapper Jim Jones is known for governing his life by his own set of rules. Last week, Jones was reminded of the laws and their inflexibility when he was removed from his car and searched at Newark Liberty International Airport. Jim Jones recently claimed he was stopped at the airport for driving while black.

Mr. Jones was pulled over at the airport while waiting for a friend to exit. The “Summer Wit’ Miami” rhymer ‘s publicist said a police officer walked up to Jones’ car and told him he detected an odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Thee more officers surrounded the car as Jim Jones was ordered to step out of the car and place his hands on the trunk. While Jones did as he was told, he and his car were searched for drugs.

Cops found not a single trace of weed, but still gave him a citation for driving without a license. Jones’ rep says the rapper is furious about the whole thing. “He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling,” the rep said.

A representative from the New York/New Jersey Port Authority responded to Jim Jones’ complaint by saying they weren’t aware of the situation and were in the process of looking into it.

I’m a little torn with this one. On one hand, I believe Jim Jones was racially profiled. As a resident of New jersey, it’s rare I can walk down a street in a suit and tie and not have the cops slow to a crawl when passing me on the street. It does feel like New Jersey cops have it out for black men. On the other hand, everybody and their mommas know Jim Jones smokes weed everywhere he goes. So it is very plausible the cop stopped him because he smelled weed. On top of that, why was Jim Jones driving in the first place if he had no damn license! Come on, Jim, you know better!



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