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Ok, “Passing Me By” sampled Quincy Jones “Summer In The City.” Have any of you met him? If so, what did he say about the song?

Fat Lip: We was running in that circle man, we all met him at a club…

J Swift: The Roxy! Cause they was all there. LL was there, Quincy was there and they was playing our stuff and then they started playing some blast offs and then I got introduced to Quincy…

What was his reaction to the song?

Slim Kid3: He was mad cool. I know his daughters and he’s always really been really open to the change of music, you know what I mean?

J Swift: He told me he loved the record, he loved what we did… “Great stuff, great stuff. I love it!” Which was really humbling to me because he’s a master. He’s what Dr. Dre is now… back then and still mashing on an even higher level.

Slim Kid3: Just think of how many eras he’s been through. It’s easier to say which ones he hasn’t seen. He’s had his hand in so many things. Especially if you start counting samples? I mean dude… That was a straight up blessing.

Fat Lip: I remember meeting him. We walked up, shook hands and kept it moving. But I feel like just from meeting him, he gave us the blessing on using his sample.

J Swift: Yeah… and then they charged us for it… right after that. (Room Laughs)

R&B singer Joe, ended up sampled “Passing Me By.” How’d you guys feel about that?

Slim Kid3: I felt pretty good about it… cause I was like, Royalties!!! (Laughs)

Fat Lip: It was definitely a nod… like I said before about how our career was taking off and going to different levels? That was definitely one of them. For an R&B singer to take what we did and sample it just put us in a whole other bracket. I wish the royalties situation had been a little tighter but I can’t be mad at nobody.

Slim Kid3: Just to switch it around a bit, I thought it was real cool that he picked “Passing Me By” to sing over, which was one great thing. And then he took Fat Lip’s part, the “My dear, my dear, my dear…” that shows just HUGE appreciation.

Speaking of sampling, Dilla was a big part of your 2nd album. How’d you guys meet?

Slim Kid3: We met Dilla through Q-Tip. We thought Q-Tip was actually JD but he wasn’t. And when we finally met JD he was this short guy from Detroit, always wore his Kangol hat or what have you. But Tip had brought us this cassette tape and on that tape was the loop from “Runnin” and from “Drop” and all that. And we were just sitting at Q-Tip’s apartment listening to all these loops and beats man, and the rest is history. If it wasn’t for Q-Tip, we would have never have met JD or had those beats. We were kind of like the first ones… we branded that sh*t.

Seems other folks have noticed that Q-tip connection. Has anybody in this room heard the “Bizzare Tribe” mash-up album of your lyrics and A Tribe Called Quest beats that was done?

Slim Kid3: I thought it was a good attempt to make something fresh. I like people being creative with things they love and it just so happens to be our sh*t, which gives music more legs.

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