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Just when you thought your ears were safe from struggle music, Ray J comes out with the catchiest struggle song in the history of struggle and music. Ray J recently released the song and video for his Kim Kardashian diss record “I Hit It First” and it’s extremely bad.

If the song is looked at as a desperate cry for attention, the video is a desperate plea for Kim Kardashian to remember how the sex tape they created made her a superstar. In the clip, Ray J has a Kim Kardashian impersonator doing things Kanye West‘s baby momma is famous for doing–shopping, hiding her face from paparazzi, and making amateur adult home movies.

the whole video is terrible and the best part about it is a dope Phantom Brandy’s brother cruises around town in. Peep the video below. After watching this video, we have to ask, whose team are you on–Kim or Ray J? Sound off in the comments.



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