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You never know what you can overcome until you’re forced to overcome it. Three women who were abducted in Ohio ten years ago were recently found safe and sound just a few short blocks from where they were abducted.

Amanda Berry was abducted in 2003 when she was 16 years old. The other two young ladies, Gina De Jesus and Michele Knight, were abducted while walking home from school and while strolling around her neighborhood, respectively. Initially, reports said Michele Knight was snatched back in 1990, but it was later reported it actually happened in 2002.

The man holding the three young women captive was identified as a former bus driver Ariel Castro. Castro has been arrested for the crimes against the young women. According to reports, at least one of the ladies was impregnated by Ariel Castro during their time being held hostage, but that hasn’t been confirmed. The ten-year ordeal was brought to a close when a man, Charles Ramsey, was passing by Castro’s home and noticed a woman trying to escape. She said, “My name is Amanda Berry, please help me out of this house.”

Check out some more of the details of the crime at TheGuardian.

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