With news still sinking in about Lauryn Hill’s impending 3 month jail sentence for tax evasion, the question that everyone started asking was, “Who else has been in trouble with the IRS and had to serve time?” While that question on its face was enough to ponder, an even deeper question started to be asked; “How many caucasian celebrities have we heard of going to jail for this crime recently?”

According to CFO Daily News, the following entertainers or people of note have been in some type of trouble with the US Government for tax evasion:

  1. Martha Stewart
  2. Wesley Snipes
  3. Nick Cage
  4. Marc Anthony
  5. Annie Leibovitz
  6. Darryl Strawberry
  7. Sophia Loren
  8. “Joe The Plumber”
  9. Ronald Isley
  10. Arnold Schwarzeneggar
  11. Toni Braxton
  12. Tom Daschel
  13. Stephen Baldwin
  14. Pamela Anderson
  15. Duane “Dog” Champman
  16.   Sinbad
  17. Willie Nelson
  18. Joe “Girls Gone Wild” Francis
  19. Chuck Berry
  20. Richard Pryor

To this list, we add;  Beanie Sigel, Ja Rule and now Lauryn Hill.

Of the celebrities listed only a few actually went to jail for those tax-related crimes: Richard Pryor, Richard Hatch, Chuck Berry, Ronald Isley, Beanie Sigel, Ja Rule, Wesley Snipes, Sophia Loren and now, Lauryn Hill.

Celebs Who Went To Jail For Tax Evasion
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There seems to be some type of difference between the two lists, no? Oh, what could it be? Might it be that one list exhibits a bit more color than does the other?

Let’s Do The Numbers

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