This one makes you wanna cuss! After his run in with paparazzi the other day while headed into a bar with Kimmy K, Kanye apparently walked into a sign, in a real way. Here’s a refresher in case you missed it.

The result was that horrifying looking bump that you see in the above picture! We surely hope he got that looked at. In all seriousness, you can die from a nasty bump to the head like that one. Remember that, if you ever see someone hit their head and then stagger back sort of stunned. The next stop should be to an ER to make sure that didn’t do anything bad to their noggin.

On another note, we found this while searching for the above video for you, we’re not saying it’s right that they did this, we don’t even know how they had enough time to come up with it, but, well just watch it, you’ll get the point!


We’re sure Kanye is going to be knocking on their doors personally when he sees that…oh well he said… “that that that that that don’t kill him…can only make him stronger”…what? Too soon? Hey it’s still a good song though right?


Feel better soon Kanye, again head injuries are nothing to play with.


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