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Cam’ron is getting to the money and apparently has no time for holding grudges. When Killa is cruising, he’s not having flashbacks of old beefs. Despite past musical feuds with Nas and Jay-Z, the Harlem Diplomat says that he keeps their music in rotation. A classic is a classic.

To be honest, I’ve been listening to a variety of stuff,” Cam told us a few weeks ago, when asked whose music he enjoys these days. “The last album I bought was Plies’ album. I like Plies a lot. Basically, being in Florida, you feel him even more when you’re in that atmosphere. [Lil] Wayne is my man. I got stuff like Jay-Z’s first album, Reasonable Doubt, [Nas’] infamous Illmatic, stuff that makes me think. [A lot of] new albums are like, ‘Eh, whatever.’ But I got a lot of ’97, ’98 stuff in my car, ’96. Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx. … I always listen to DeBarge. DeBarge is always in the loop. John Legend. Beyoncé’s new CD is in there. I do a lot of mixtape R&B stuff. I even got the Force M.D.s.”

Check out the video below:

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