Two suspects who work at the Mexican bar Malcolm Shabazz was last seen at have been arrested in relation to his murder. They have been charged with murder and robbery. The Mexican police are still looking for three other suspects, according to the BBC.

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All five suspects work at The Palace Bar, where Malcolm Shabazz was beaten.

Miguel Suarez, a union activist who was travelling with Malcolm Shabazz, said they had been in Mexico as part of their efforts to advocate more rights for Mexican construction workers in the United States.

Suarez recounts that he and Shabazz were invited to the bar by a woman, and later on, the bar owner demanded they pay $1,200 “for drinks and female companionship”. Suarez escaped as the fight occurred, but then returned to find Shabazz beaten up.  Suarez then took him to the hospital.

We will keep you updated as more from the story arises.

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