You probably won’t hear Wayne Brady’s improv show being marketed as a hip-hop show, but it very well could be.  The Florida raised Georgia native is a b-boy at heart, weaving rhymes, singing and bravado into his extemporaneous live performances.

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“It’s an improvisational rock concert. If any of you have seen ‘Who’s Line Is It anyway’ from back in the day on ABC Family, it’s improv comedy,” he tells of his tour stopping at NYC’s BB Kings tonight. “People on stage making stuff out of nothing, pulling it out of your ass on the fly. You don’t know what’s going to come, the audience doesn’t know what’s going to come. That is my specialty.”

In fact, Brady has become so adept at seamlessly turning random words and phrases into stories, songs and punchlines that his audiences don’t alway believe he is winging it.

“Nothing is written. Nothing,” Brady confirms. “When people would see ‘Whose Line…’ they’d say ‘I love the show, but you didn’t really make all that stuff up..’ The simple fact is that it’s all improv and I like to break that wall with the audience immediately.”

Brady and his partner Jonathan will solicit words from the audience and with a musical cue from his keyboardist he will weave a tale of a gangster kittens on their way to Sleepy Hollow in hopes of becoming runway models. It’s that kind of party.

“I guarantee that you’ve never seen a show like mine live.”

Watch the first part of our exclusive interview where Brady talks about the roots of his improv and his collaborations with hip-hop legends Doug E. Fresh and Chuck D at The House Of Blues.

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