Trouble is brewing for NBA  star Nick Young. The player for the Philadelphia 76ers has been accused of drugging and raping a woman he met in a club two years ago.

The woman who filed the suit did so under the pseudonym Jane Doe and claims she met Nick Young at a popular West Hollywood spot Crown Bar. She alleges Young bought her and her friend glasses of champagne. Her memory of the night got a little hazy after she drank the champagne offered to her by the basketball star. The woman is sure she was drugged with gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (commonly known as GHB). She claims to have woke up the next morning in a bed belonging to Nick Young and she noticed she was bleeding from her vagina and rectum.

According to the young woman, Nick Young admitted to having intercourse with her. However, he says he stopped having sex with her once she passed out. Young took the woman home after she made the demand to do so. Once she made it home, she quickly went to the UCLA Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center to have herself checked out. She was given a rape kit and tested for any STDs. The tests results indicated her injuries in her vagina and rectum were consistent with rape.

After seeking medical attention, the woman says she has been undergoing mental evaluations. She’s suing Young for sexual battery, sexual assault, false imprisonment, among other things. she’s suing for unspecified damages  and she is also seeking money from Crown Bar, claiming they were negligent.



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