Kanye West doesn’t want to be no “Mutha F***kin Celebrity” and he wants everyone to know it! He just sits in the studio and makes music and that’s all, now quit paying attention to him everyone, right now! This is the gist of what we got from the latest Kanye West rant.

Check out his most recent spazz in the video below!

Oh Ye, if only it were that easy kid. You can’t do everything in your “Power” to make people pay attention to you and then get upset because they do sir. You’ve been through the School of Hard Knocks, yes we get it. (Up to and including the sign incident earlier this week.) In fact, if we remember correctly, we were all present for your “Graduation” from the School of Hard Knocks.  It’s been a tough haul, no doubt, but this is what you asked for.

While we understand your plea for “Mercy” people are out here doing everything they can think of to be like you, because you told them you were the one to be like.  So, now you feel like you want to “Runaway” we get it, but honestly,  let’s really keep it real, who dates a Kardashian if they don’t want to be seen? [Reggie Bush should be able to answer that one by now. But we digress.]

If you truly don’t want to be bothered by paparazzi anymore, if you don’t want people to be eager to know about you, if you really just want to be a non celebrity, then you have to get out of the way of the next guy who does want it.

And remember, fans are fickle, if you tell them to go away long enough, they will, and once they do, it’s rare that they return. There is a broken heart for every beat within Hip Hop, of an artist that didn’t respect it when they had it, and now they can’t get it back.

This that you have going on right now, just like everything else, shall pass. But if you really want to be left alone, then take the torch, and pass it too.

Remember the words to this song?



Maybe Kanye can find some renewed inspiration through his very own words…we do!



Wait…One Mo!





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