On American Idol last night, Mariah Carey performed a medley of her greatest hits including; HeroMake it HappenMy All,Vision of LoveWe Belong Together and her new single Beautiful. 

The octavely gifted artist was accused of lip syncing her performance shortly after she gave it. People all over the world were hitting rewind on the old DVR to see was Mimi in fact faking the funk last night, before taking to Twitter to cuss her out about it.

According to, an entire brew- ha-ha has gotten started about this topic. So much so that Radar Online went and interviewed a professional producer and an audio engineer just to get to the bottom of it!  To which the end result seemed to be possibly that she was lip syncing.

See what you think below!

This at first, seemed like a story until we really gave thought to whom we were talking about. This is Mariah.  [See, we didn’t even have to say her last name! ] Who knows, maybe she was playing with her twins and her voice got scratchy. Or with all of the interviews she’s been giving about her new music, it’s entirely possible that she’s strained her vocal chords or that she has seasonal allergies like the rest of us, or maybe she and Nicki were cussing each other out one last time in the back! We don’t  know what would compel the usually flawless singer to lip sync if she did. And to be honest, we don’t really care!

WHY don’t we care? Well, it’s easy, we know her. She’s been with us for 20 years now doing this. We have been listening to Mariah Carey sing live, longer than it takes a child to go from the first day of Kindergarten to their High School graduation! She has proven herself too many times for this to be a scandal. It’s not like some of these scaly-wags out here who can’t really sing, so they gyrate all over the place and blame their lip syncing on dancing. Mariah doesn’t rely on gimmicks, it’s not her thing. What is her thing, is flawless singing. So if the perfectionist relied on some help in order to give a performance that was technically up to her standards, then ehh we’ll let this one slide. But only because of her track record and the fact that we know she can sing most of these chicks out here under the table in her sleep. She is the reason for auto-tune, it was supposed to be to aid amazing singers if they got pitchy here or there, not to create and maintain singers with zero talent for the craft. We’re just sayin.


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