After being anointed one of the new faces of NYC hip-hop, BX representative French Montana has a boatload to live up to. With his long awaited and recently anticipated album Excuse My French in stores now and singles like “Pop That” and “Coke Boy” shaking the club across the country, the stakes are high for his Bad Boy debut.

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But what about the message in the music? We at The Urban Daily decided to provide a quick analysis of the first few tracks for our readers and provide a psychological analysis of the Cocaine City Records CEO.

Intro, “Once in A While”

Subject French Montana projects the confidence of a mentally healthy and robust inner-city male. Over a quite robust track, Mr. Montana describes his long journey to the top of his field of music and how he has managed to persevere through many obstacles inflicted on him on by individuals who take pleasure in seeing the failure from others in general and him specifically.

He pays homage to his predecessors by borrowing lines from other successful alpha males such as 50 Cent, Kanye West and Snoop Lion (formally known as Snoop Dogg & Snoop Doggy Dogg. (“I can’t die, my boo is bout to have my baby…”)

Diagnosis – Amnesia = Amnesic patients also retain substantial intellectual, linguistic, and social skill despite profound impairments in the ability to recall specific information encountered in prior learning episodes.

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