As exciting as Oreos are in their natural state, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up a bit! Here’s 16 ways to get the most out of your already beloved Oreo snack.

1. Oreo Soup


2. On A Caketumblr_mn4110BEJt1qjootwo1_500

3. With Waffles & Ice Cream



4. Inside Of This Amazing Cake/Brownie/Piece Of Heaven

5. In Waffle Cone Ice Cream


6. Filled With Nutellatumblr_mn4gkwx2T41qgvs9po1_500

7. Throughout A Cupcake


8. As A Pietumblr_mn6fiiFZ001r7304ko1_500

9. Covered In Chocolatetumblr_mn6gtr9HMT1r0u96lo1_500


10. From The Top Of Oreo Towerstumblr_mn6h6uY7ri1rshccyo1_500

11. Multi-colored Fillingstumblr_mn6vi5fS0x1r0k0mwo1_500

12. With A Peanut Butter Cup On The Inside And Chocolate On The Outsidetumblr_mn704pj24K1r71uxuo1_500

13. In A McFlurrytumblr_mn73x19JeA1rq9hzfo1_500

14. On A Brownietumblr_mn7m93HGbM1s716nlo1_500

15. With MilkMilk Prices Could Rise Dramatically With Fiscal Cliff Failure

16. Mixed

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