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Low ratings isn’t the only problem plaguing the New York edition of the “Love & Hip Hop” cast. The cast is refusing to begin filming the new season because they feel they deserve more money and are getting the short end of the stick in contract negotiations.

Things came to a head when all of the stars of the show were scheduled to be present to film the trailer for the upcoming season. However, only half of the cast showed up. the other half of the cast went M.I.A. because they are silently protesting of the increasingly bad contract negotiations. the ones who did show up got so angry about the others not reporting to the set that they stormed off and refused to return to set.

Everyone wants more money. Some are even trying to have their salaries doubled. besides the money issue, a lot of the cast members of the New York franchise have taken issue with the way they were portrayed last season and want more say in the editing process. To rectify the situation, emergency meetings have been set up with the angry cast to iron out contract details. Although producers of the reality show are hoping things are solved by the end of the week, if not, the cast plans to stay on strike until their demands are met.

I understand people want more money and more say in the editing process, but I don’t think they really have a leg to stand on. First off, the last season of “Love & Hip Hop New York” wasn’t as good as the first two seasons. That fact was proven in its ratings. Secondly, viewers barely knew anybody on the cast. Sure, Joe Budden has a loyal following, but how many of those dudes are actually DVRing anything on VH1? I’m all for Mona Scott-Young, the executive producer, just shelving “Love & HipHop New York” and focusing on the Atlanta cast.


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