We have just one question for the Zimmerman defense team, has Trayvon Martin not suffered enough? He is dead, he will never see another day with his family or friends. He will never be allowed to cross a stage to graduate, or walk through a quad full of crispy leaves on his way into a college classroom. He will never wait for a bride at the end of an isle with his pastor, or ever hear a little tiny voice call him Daddy. Has he not paid enough with the taking of his life, by a total stranger, who by all accounts stalked him and chased him down. George Zimmerman took his life, must we take his reputation too?

Today Trayvon’s character was flat out smeared by the defense team of George Zimmerman, when they released pictures that were in Trayvon’s cell phone. These pictures show Trayvon with no shirt on, a wife beater and gold teeth, pictures of marijuana plants and a picture with a hand holding a gun.

They also released his private text messages discussing getting into fights and his mother wanting him to go live with his father as a result of a school suspension.

In other words, Trayvon Martin had the cell phone of a teen-aged boy. He took pictures like most red blooded teenagers in America do and shot his mouth off about his parents being sorta wack or mad at him. If we were to gather up all the phones of high school kids across this nation, we would find a whole lot of the same, just to different degrees.

Check out the details in the video below.

George Zimmerman made plenty of mistakes in his life, including alleged problems with violence, but we can’t look at old notes he passed to his classmates can we? Plenty of teenagers and young men do things in youth and turn out to become leaders and wonderful citizens.  For instance. let’s look at the last 2 Presidents Of The United States as well as the current President Of The United States, whom all have openly admitted to experimenting with marijuana and even cocaine. Those men became leaders of the free world when they grew up. However, they got the blessing of getting to grow up, to learn, to evolve and morph into men. Trayvon was a kid, who will never get to grow up and learn from the things he did as a young man, as he never got to become a young man.

For the Zimmerman team to release pictures of George Zimmerman in a cap and gown at graduation is just disgusting. This man cut Trayvon’s life short so that he could not ever take a similar picture for the prosecution to release. It’s not too fair to point out that Trayvon didn’t graduate but Zimmerman did, if Zimmerman killed Trayvon before he could graduate  is it?

According to The Huffington Post, attorneys for Martin’s parents said;

“The photos and texts were irrelevant to the trial and could pollute the jury pool. Is the defense trying to prove Trayvon deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman because (of) the way he looked? If so, this stereotypical and closed-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused George Zimmerman to get out of his car and pursue Trayvon, an unarmed kid who he didn’t know.”

The Urban Daily will keep this story updated as more information becomes available.

Trayvon Martin’s Life In Photos
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