No! Just No! File this one under How Did We Get Here news! Plenty of our mothers at one point or another during the course of our lives,have told us that “They brought us in this world and they’d take us out” but we’d like to think they weren’t really serious! Well, according to Bossip, a mother in DeLand, Florida managed to get her hands on a machete after living in the woods for two weeks, and broke into the home of her ex proclaiming she was going to;

“Chop their kids’ heads off!”

What? This is what’s hot in the them Florida streets right now? We’ve heard of kids trying it with their mothers and the mama’s threatening to “knock their heads clean off their shoulders” but yeah, we’re pretty sure that isn’t likely to happen. Oh, and those mom’s weren’t buggin out while swinging machetes either!

Reports indicate that at about 4 pm Tuesday,  the the 32-year-old drug addicted mom,  Alisa Lynn Williams, allegedly broke  down the door to the DeLand, Fla. home that she used to live in with Carlos Quinones. Once inside, it’s alleged that she threatened her 7-year-old twin boys and her six-year-old daughter with the machete!

The former couples neighbors claim they could hear her screaming that she was “going to cut off their heads!”.

At some point her ex and his father got the machete away and pushed Williams outside of the house.

But she wasn’t done! Her next move was to break a window and climb back into the house through all of the debris and broken glass! Who does that? This sounds more like a scene from Michael Jackson’s Thriller! But we digress!

When cops finally arrived to the home, she was on the porch covered in blood. Yikes!

Williams  was arrested and charged with; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and armed burglary. She is being held without bail in the Volusia County Branch Jail.

We hope they get that lady help immediately! And some counseling for her poor babies! No one should have to see something like that let alone little kids witnessing that with their own mother!

[Editor’s Note] Calls to Ola Ray and the Crypt Keeper were not returned!

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