With the invention of social media, the job of the celebrity publicist has gotten twenty million times harder. Kendu Isaacs, the husband and manager of Mary J. Blige, proved that when he and a Twitter critic got in to a war of words recently.

The critic was tweeting about Mary’s recent financial troubles. He then became bold and tweeted at Kendu Isaacs. The critic tweeted, “Go home & raise your kids. Mary needs a professional team. And being quite don’t make anything better.” While most people wouldn’t respond to the madness, Kendu fought fire with fire. Kendu Isaacs said, “You are a a**hole. you do nothing but sit online and watch others lives and think you know what your talking about.”

The conversation was over after that exchange, but we’re waiting to see if Kendu Isaacs allows this to stay on his timeline or if he’ll send out the excuse that his account was hacked. Only time will tell.



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