Reconnect With Her Inner-Rapper

You ever watch “Lockup?” If not, it’s a show that opens up the secretive, somewhat savage world of incarceration to the general public. It gives a glimpse of life behind “the wall” that most people don’t get to or don’t care to see. No matter the distinction, it’s a gritty, grimy place. The perfect environment for rap music to breed like wild rabbits in the forest. While lady prisons are totally different from the male ones, I’ve no doubt that hundreds of female rappers will be accosting Ms. Hill daily, soliciting her musical opinion or requesting her rap game hook-ups. This should, at some point, make L-Boogie want to bring her pen out of retirement, hit the studio when she gets out, and address some people personally. Never forget that Lauryn Hill was ripping mics long before she started pooping out babies and acting crazy.

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