Earlier in the week, The Urban Daily reported that Beyoncé threatened to have a fan escorted out of her concert in Copenhagen, Denmark after he slapped her on the butt as she performed “Irreplaceable.” After the footage of the booty slap hit the internet, everybody wanted to talk to the booty grabber. He finally did give an interview to Bossip.

During the brief video interview, Bossip asked him the questions we wanted to know like what does Queen Bey’s royal backside feel like and has he grabbed other famous cakes. We won’t spoil it for you, but we will say we had some questions after we saw Bossip’s interview with the man. Peep five questions we had after viewing the Bossip interview.

1. Where is he from?

This booty slapping incident happened in Copenhagen, Denmark, why does he sound like he resides in Compton? And if he does live in Compton, who provided him with the money to get to Copenhagen?

2. Why haven’t we heard of him before?

At the end of the clip, the dude admitted he was a serial celebrity booty grabber. If that’s the case, why haven’t any industry people heard of any whispers of this guy? I mean, seriously, as much as the entertainment business seems cool to the mass public, it’s truly like a small clique in high school. Everybody knows your business. How come we don’t know his?

3.What do his medical bills look like?

Dude got a handful of Beyoncé’s bootyliciousness and her security team gave him the business. So you mean to tell me that he’s grabbed Jennifer Lopez’s pastel, and is walking around without having had any cuts, bruises, or stitches. Something doesn’t seem right. You know Beyoncé and J.Lo have top flight security…of the world, Craig!

4. How don’t you remember getting beat up by Beyoncé’s bodyguards?

I’m saying this strictly from experience: when Beyoncé or Jay-Z’s bodyguards put the paws on you, you never forget. I mean I’ve only been lightly pushed by one of her bodyguards and that was enough to make me never forget (that story is another post in itself!).

5. Do you think Jay-Z or Beyoncé care if you are holding any ill will towards them?

We all know Jay-Z and Beyoncé couldn’t care less about the thoughts of the peasant class. How many verses is Jay going to have to spit about that very same concept for you to understand?



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