Rapper Bow Wow has revealed on both Twitter and through a live streaming video that he is ready to leave his current label Columbia Records.

In a series of messages that were posted on Bow Wow’s Twitter page, the 22-year-old rapper explained that he hasn’t been happy at Columbia for several years now.

I’m asking to be released. No, they are not dropping me. I’m asking. Not happy there. Been like this for four, five years,” reports Bow Wow as writing on his Twitter page

Shortly following Bow Wow’s Tweets he also streamed a live video in which he shared his thoughts on the matter.

I felt like I couldn’t talk about everything on my Twitter, but there was really so much for me to say,” Bow Wow explained in the video. “So I felt that I would be on there forever typing and you know, what not.”

Bow Wow is hoping fans will be able to help him get off Columbia through the “Free Bow Wow” campaign. A campaign that Bow Wow hopes will move him from Columbia to Atlantic Records.

Bow Wow released his first album Beware Of Dog on Columbia Records in 2000 and his since released five more albums through the label.

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