Well isn’t this a little nugget of info. A chick named Yami–who is best friends with and often seen out and about with Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor–went on UStream to live chat with her friends last night. And she started dropping the inside goods about Chrihannagate. Yami said she’s been knowing Chris for 5 years and “he’s not the type to just beat a b*tch ass for no reason.” She went on about how mad she is that no one is talking about how bad Rihanna beat him up and how bad his face was torn up after Rihanna beat him that night as well. She said the “bite marks” were a lie as there weren’t any. And “Chris only hit Rihanna once only after she kept nagging him and hitting him.” I guess she’s trying to plead self defense for Mr. Brown. Yami also claimed that knot on Rih’s forehead was from Chris slamming on the breaks and her head hitting the dash. Now she’s mad Rihanna’s simply out here playing the victim. Interesting.

Yami and her sis talk pretty reckless about Rih and Chris’ relationship saying Chris never used to like her and he was forced by “outside people” to get involved with her. Something we’ve heard before around these parts.

I’m sure this vid will get conveniently snatched down in a bit. So fast forward to minute 28:00 and get it in while you can:

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