We’ve all had ideas of things we would do if we hit the lottery. Typical things like paying off the house, the car, quitting the job, going on vacation are easy. But, fellas, have you ever given any thoughts to what you would but after that? If the money was a little less baby and a lot more Bill Gates, what then? Never fear, we’re here for you! Here’s a a few eccentric items to help you down the road to wasting money in the most fun ways possible.

Vantare Platinum Plus

When most people say they want to travel in style, nine times out of ten they’re referring to a luxury car or a nice limo. But no one’s ever thinking about an RV, right? Don’t tell that to Featherlite Luxury Coaches and their Vantare Platinum Plus Motorcoach.

Rare Inca marble, copper, pearlized Italian leather, Sapele Pommele woodwork from Africa, Swarovski crystal, suede, Schonbek Crystal, antique bronze and onyx sound like what’s in Beyonce’s jewelry box, not a RV.  But this beast isn’t just beautiful, it has bite.  It flaunts a stainless steel dishwasher, Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer, king bed with a plasma TV that lifts out of the footboard, Malbar washer and dryer, aft closet, built-in treadmill with a 13-inch LCD TV that disappears behind a mirror and an Avic N-2 global positioning system with real-time traffic and weather alerts.

If by some change you get bored in your 2.5 million dollar apartment on wheels, just hit the single car garage located under the RV and pull off in your sports car. Problem solved.

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