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With the No. 2 movie in the country, Step Brothers stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly have a lot to laugh about. The Urban Daily recently caught up with the comic duo to talk about the film, John Stamos and resurrecting the infamous Ron Burgundy.

The Urban Daily: What was it like to play someone with a thirteen-year-old outlook on life?

Will Ferrell: Well, it’s not far from my current status. I just tried remembering back to those feelings when you felt awkward and shy in adolescence. One of those things about being an actor is that we don’t have to fully grow up in a way.

TUD: Did you guys have any sibling rivalries when you were growing up that inspired you?

John C. Reilly: My house was more like Lord of the Flies. It wasn’t really one brother versus another because I have three brothers and two sisters. So it was all of us just trying to survive.

Ferrell: Yeah, my brother and I were always trying to mess with each other. It was definitely the usual sibling things—possession and “keep your stuff on your side of the room.” That sort of thing.

TUD: Besides John Stamos, what man would you guys sleep with and why?

Reilly: Why do we need to go past John Stamos? We found someone we agree on.

Ferrell: Maybe, Brody from “The Hills.” Although, he is a little too young for me.

Reilly: Can it be anyone from history? Alexander the Great. He’d be good in bed.

TUD: In one scene, a nut sack appears on camera. Was that a stunt nut sack or what?

Ferrell: The nut sack was actually a prosthetic device. But, my balls were modeled. I put them in hot wax to mold them.

Reilly: Did you notice the nice strawberry blond tufts of hair? I thought that was pretty nice.

Ferrell: Yeah, and that was mainly for comfort, I was able to really bang them around without having to worry about…that sort of issue.

TUD: You guys have both played characters that have become iconic to some degree. If you could revisit one, which would it be?

Reilly: I would really like to go back to Days of Thunder and redo that one. Little bit of regret there.

Ferrell: Well, we might do another Anchorman potentially, and I’ve always talked about how Ron Burgundy would be such a fun character to do again.

TUD: Do you see a Step Brothers sequel?

Ferrell: John’s got a great idea.

Reilly: Yeah, the great idea is that they adopt children together. Scary thought, right?

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