In the fast-paced world of digital entertainment, social media and information sharing (what used to be ‘news’) the lines between work and play are becoming blurred forever. Everything you say and do, even in downtime, is potentially content. But it’s still important to know when to apply that filter.

“I wanna salute E1 and Koch for giving me a chance. I’m from Newark and a lot of people are getting killed out here and I’m the one of the last people to get a deal out of Jersey in last 10 years,” says 20-year-old rapper Kazzie. He has just returned from shooting the video to his new single, “Get It” down in Miami, FL and has gotten first hand experience on the difference between “twerk team” and the WORK team.

“I had an amazing time. It was my first time ever getting flown out to Miami to do a job and come back home,” he says. “The shoot was 12 hours straight and I didn’t get to meet no girls or nothing. It was 4/20 and I couldn’t even smoke. [laughs]. It teaches you that it’s a job first. I’m good with learning that.”

Watch the new video below!

Kazzie got his first taste of the music biz on “We Don’t F*ck With That” featuring Waka Flocka, who has been one of his biggest supporters.

“I just spoke to Waka. He wanted me to come out to Canada but I had to shoot my video. He gave me that boost and that co-sign. Salute to him. It got like 3 million views on Worldstar.”

With his own video finally being released today Kazzie will focus on finishing his mix tape, tentatively titled “Life Of A Hood Stoner,” and getting more of his music out to the world.

“E1 gave me a single deal with an option for the album,” he shares. “I have enough songs for an album. [But] We’re in a single world so I’m working.”

Here are five things we learned about the up-and-coming artist.


[My original name] was Kazzie Pop. My name is Kassan and my little sister used to call me Kazzie Wazzie. Me and Driicky Graham had a group called The Popular Kids. That was back like three years ago. [Now] we are signed to the same label.


Musically I just salute my city and state of Newark, NJ for just going through the music industry and cultured and having such an impact. Naughty By Nature, Latifah, Redman. Jersey is famous for the music. I’m born and raised on 19th street, that’s where Redman is from. His mom lives on 20th st. So being a young boy on the block and seeing Redman in a cipher with the big homies inspired me to rap. When I was like eleve Red, Meth and Erick Sermon were out there. I just want to add on to it.

I was just with Red two weeks and Do it all. I never asked them how to do anything but just watched to see what it took and knowing yourself and being comfortable. I just happened to be blessed with my own.


Before rapping I was just a good kid. Played basketball from 7 to 16. I was in North Carolina playing in AAU. They take you all around the country to play. It showed me how to be on a team and that one person can’t get the job done. I’m 6′ 4″ and I felt like I was just playing ball because I was tall. I got tired of running suicides but I never get tired of music.


I sent a Tweet out saying I need some girls to dance to “Get it” and it went Ham. One girl got 100,000 views. She’s from like Florida or something. It was dope to see everybody support my situation and do whatever they can to help. The record is doing really well in the strip clubs.


Me and a couple of my bros wanted to smoke bad so we pitched in and got like a quarter. We did everything in our power to get this money. We called our girls, girls that weren’t our girls. We went to go give him the money and the dealer took off running! He bolted. He probably didn’t even have no weed. I still owe one of my shorties $20 because of that. It was funny because nobody chased him. We called his phone and this girl answered “This ain’t his phone no phone no more!” and she was just in the car with him.

We were like, “That’s what we get.” Got us for $100. We just left it alone. Sometimes you can be greedy and lose everything.

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