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Jay-Z’s business acumen is the stuff that legends are made of. From his not so humble beginnings as a co-CEO of Roc-A-fella records, to the almost billion dollar man he’s blossomed into, Jay’s road to wall street has been paved with gold, clothing lines, Vodka sales, sports ownership and more, making his portfolio one of the best around. But anyone who has kept a close enough eye out realized that Jay has been making business moves with his music for years.

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Not only had he made a habit of selling millions of albums for himself, he’s also made a point of helping others to sell by writing their rhymes for them. Just ask Dr. Dre. Shawn Carter lent his pen to the good doctor for the west coast anthem “Still D.R.E.” the first single off the “Chronic 2000” album. A fact that even the great Snoop D.O. double G had to acknowledge during an interview with Strong Arm Steady’s GGN.

“When we was trying to write D.R.E., we all took a shot at it, but we all couldn’t come up with nothing as dope as Jay-Z. So we had to take a backseat and say “ok, his sh*t is doper than everybody else’s sh*t, that done wrote something. So, he’s the winner , we gonna do what he say. And at the same time., he wrote it in the same vein as if we wrote it because he understood what he was writing for. He took and embodied the whole situation as far as writing for Dr. Dre. So we couldn’t do nothing but take a backseat and knowledge that and say “You know what? You a bad MF…”

You’ve gotta tip your hat to the Doggfather for giving Jay his just due as the dopest writer in the room. But at the end of the day, the verse was dope, the beat was a banger the song was a classic track and everyone left the room happy. Jay showed and proved that for the right price, he can even make your ish tighter… But that price has probably gone up considerably since then. After all, business is business.

From “Reasonable Doubt” to “Watch the Throne,” Jay-Z certainly created the blue print for future music icons. Put on your suit and tie and enjoy featured clips including Fade to Black and American Rap Star.  Join the celebration of Black Music Month and explore Jay-Z’s amazing career at  It’s a unique digital community built around the love of Black TV, film, sports, music and more.

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