LeBron James and the Miami Heat survived a nail-biter in game six of the NBA finals to force a game seven on Thursday night.  The 103 to 100 OT win was filled with dramatic moments for the defending champs (Ray Allen’s 3, Chris Bosh’s block, etc) but the moment when LeBron lost his headband under the basket is being credited as the turning point in the contest.

BusinessInsider is making the case that maybe LeBron should not wear his signature headband in game seven because he played so much better without it (obviously discounting the MVP caliber season he had with it on before the playoffs, but let’s just have fun shall we?).

  • With headband (36 minutes): 18 points, 35.7% shooting (5-for-14), 7 rebounds, 8 assists
  • Without headband (14 minutes): 14 points, 50% shooting (6-for-12), 3 rebounds, 2 assists

So King James averaged one point per minute at the end of the game. Was he more aerodynamic without it? Increased circulation? Was there kryptonite laced in the cotton slowing him down?

Take a look at his moves without the headband and vote in our poll!

LeBron James Without His Headband [PHOTOS]
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