Former child star Amanda Bynes is releasing a rap album. Yes, really, the girl who was once a Nickelodeon star is making her foray into rap music. And none other than Waka Flocka Flame will be producing the as-yet-untitled album. the Atlanta rapper says he will release Bynes’ album on his label Brick Squad Monopoly Records and will be featured on quite a few tracks. Waka Flocka also said he and Amanda text all of the time about rising above the haters.

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The news that Waka Flocka is getting into the studio with Amanda Bynes had us cracking up this morning in the office. We just started spitting out potential song titles for some of the songs she and Waka will be writing together. Check out a few potential hit song titles we came up with.

1. “Smash the Bong” featuring Snoop Dogg/Lion

Amanda Bynes was accused of throwing a bong out of the window as cops were coming to arrest her. Only the godfather of marijuana rap can school her on the best weed stash spots in and around the home.

2. “Black Pipe (I Want It)”

She once dated Kid Cudi and she also tweeted that she wanted Drake to beat it up until it was dead. ‘Nuff said.

3. “Nickelodeon Ruined My Life (Illuminati Remix)”

You notice how child stars who have a rough transition into adult stardom blame the network that made them famous? We bet Miley Cyrus will blame Disney the first time she checks into rehab.

4. “Murder the Box” featuring Drake & Juicy J

Drake said he hadn’t murdered Amanda Bynes’ box yet when asked by a reporter. You know Drake likes to kiss and tell on records. They could do that together on this song. Wondering how Juicy J fits in? You say no to ratchet p***y, Juicy J can’t!

5. “I’m Barbie, B***h” featuring Nicki Minaj

Imagine this: a girl who looks like the lost member of The Plastics in “Mean Girls” gets with the queen of plastic parts and celebrate their fakeness.

6. “Anti-Social Media” featuring Lupe Fiasco

Amanda Bynes has gotten hit with the crazy label because of her random Twitter rambling sessions. Maybe she’ll take a cue from Chicago’s most anti-social rapper and write a song about how messed up the world is because of social media. The track can also feature samples of Kanye West screaming like an idiot at all of his recent concerts.

7. “Bad B***h Killa (Rihanna Diss)”

The former “All That” star randomly tweeted the Bajan bad gyal and told her that she was ugly. You know how Rihanna gets down so there’s no need to ask if Rih Rih clapped back at Bynes.This track could be the final nail in Rihanna’s coffin. No Benzino.

8. “Struggle For A Black Card (Twerk Mix)” featuring Miley Cyrus

It’s no surprise that as soon as Miley and Amanda want to be taken “seriously” as artists, they go and get an “urban” sound. To prove she’s down, Miley twerks and smokes Kush while Amanda resists arrest and hooks up with Waka Flocka.

9. “Shots 4 My Haters”

Bynes says she doesn’t smoke. Despite the fact we know that’s a lie, we’ll go with it for now. Instead of smoking to take her mind off her haters, she can take a shot for them. A shot of Patron, heroin, or whatever substance rich white former child stars do.

10. “I Promise I’m Not Crazy”

After all of the erratic behavior Amanda Bynes has been displaying as of late, this might be the best album closer in the history of albums and closing songs.

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